What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed is a simple method for delivering content on your web page to other places on the web.

Easily keep professionals engaged and coming back for more content by adding an RSS Feed to your card. With many options available, adding an RSS Feed can be easier than it sounds. All you will need is the RSS URL to begin updating your visitors with your latest blog posts, your most recent tweets, or even updates to your web page.


Where do I add my RSS URL?

When you have your RSS URL, you can add it to your card in seconds under the Edit Card menu. First, select your name at the top right of the screen followed by Edit Card. 

Under the Edit Card menu, select Premium Card Features.


From here, select RSS Feed and enter your RSS URL in the field provided, then choose Verify to add the RSS Feed to your card.



Does my web page have an RSS URL?

It depends on the web page. A blog, for example, will commonly have an RSS URL while other web pages such as your Twitter profile will not. For sites like Twitter, you will need to create your own URL, and there are multiple online services that can help you with this.

CLICK HERE for a great article on searching for the web page RSS URL. If you need help with this process, please contact the refer.com support team with the URL of your site.


How do I create a web page RSS URL?

There are many sites that offer their services to convert your Twitter page or web page into an RSS URL. We recommend Fetchrss.com as a simple tool you can access for a small subscription fee. Though you may find another site you prefer after doing your own research.


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