Can I change the color of my card?

As part of the Premium Card features, you can now choose a color for your card that represents your brand.

To begin, select your name at the top-right of the page followed by Edit Card.


Under the Edit Card menu, select Premium Card Features.


Once selected, you can either choose one of the listed color options or find a broader range of options by selecting More Colors.Screen_Shot_2017-06-20_at_3.40.50_PM.png

If you know the hex color code for your desired color, you can enter it in the field provided. A popup will generate as well with options to move the sliders to customize the color.


Not sure what the hex code is for the color you want? is a free and easy to use tool that allows you to upload and click anywhere on an image to identify the hex code for the color of the selected pixel.


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