How do I manually add content to my Premium Tab?

Expand your marketing reach, influence, and sales by adding premium card content to broadly promote your website, blog posts, videos, social accounts, and more.

To get started, select Add Content under the Edit Card menu option Labeled Premium Card Features.


Creating a card item requires four main pieces; Item Image, Item Title, Item Description, and Link to Item.


The first recommended piece to include is an Item Image. For example, if the item will link your viewers to your website, click Upload and add a screenshot of your home page.

Next, enter an Item Title to give the viewer an idea of where the item will redirect them when they click to view the link.

Now, give a brief Item Description to expand on the type of content the viewer will find when they click the link.

Lastly, be sure to include a URL for the content under the field labeled Link to Item (URL)

After all of the fields are completed, choose Add Item.

The final result will be an image on your card with a title and description and the option to View the item content.


For the best look and results, we recommend adding at a minimum 6 items on your card.

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