Best Practices for Assigning People to Groups

Not all contacts are created equal. You may have hundreds or even thousands of contacts, but focuses on helping you build deep trust based relationships with the 25-35 key contacts who can best provide you a steady stream of referrals.

Groups Strategy:

  • By now you have likely created groups in a way that makes sense for your business. If you change your mind, these can be easily modified and changed
  • The groups allow you to organize your key referral sources as well as other people who are important to you. (Ex: Referral Sources, Prospects, Clients, Friends & Family).
  • Most people find 1-5 groups helpful.

Assigning Contacts to Your Groups (your Nurture Teams!):

Building relationships requires interaction, communication and consistent giving to your referral sources.

  • Focus your relationship building efforts on 25-35 total contacts who are distributed across one or more groups, with no more than a maximum of 50. It is not necessary to focus on more contacts to drive a steady stream of referrals. It is important to give each relationship sufficient attention.
  • As a result of your focused efforts, most of your contacts will remain unassigned in your Address Book, but are there if you need to make changes or substitutions to your groups.
  • Finding the contacts you want – Your contacts, when first displayed, will be automatically sorted using a proprietary algorithm with those with a high likelihood of being good referral sources appearing at the top. If you prefer to see your contacts in alphabetical order, use the sort button at the top of the Address Book page to sort by Name.

Building to 25-100+ Quality Referrals Per Year:

  • Many learn the system by getting started with one group of no more than 10 contacts.
  • Gradually build to 25-35 assigned contacts across all groups (which is more than enough to drive referrals) and no more than 50.
  • Remember, it is easy to add and remove contacts to and from your groups as you go as you better learn the process and observe and track their effectiveness.
  • Ideal referral sources include non-competing professionals who serve your same ideal client: For example, if you are an accountant, consider a business attorney, financial planner, local business leaders and board members. If you are a realtor, consider mortgage professionals, well-connected former clients, insurance agents and financial planners.

Suggested “referral partners” by industry:

Business to Business (B2B)
Business Attorney
Business Broker (M&A)
Business Coach
CPA / Bookkeeper
Commercial Banker
Commercial Printer
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Financial Advisor
Marketing Consultant
Payroll Company
Technology Support Specialist
Commercial Insurance Agent

House and Home
Accountant / CPA
Financial Advisor
General Contractor
Real Estate Professional
Insurance Agent
Interior Designer
Mortgage Broker
New Home Builder

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