Can I send an email to an entire group with Engage?

Absolutely! You can send a one-to-many email to your groups through our Group Touch function.

This feature works just like your email touch, only now you’re able to send it to entire groups. The {first name} field will automatically be replaced with your contact’s first name and each email sent will be addressed individually from you to each contact (much different than a BCC:). None of your recipients will know you sent the same email to multiple people. 

How to Send

1. Select the Groups icon:



2. Select the Envelope icon next to a group:



In the To: field, the email addresses of each member in that group will populate. You can also search the contacts list on the left side and select the button next to any name to add additional contacts to the group touch.

In the body of the email, type your message. Note the greeting, i.e. “Hi {first name},” - the system will automatically replace the first name bracket with each of your contact's first names.

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