What are my notification options in Engage Pro?

You can select how you’ll be reminded of upcoming touches; either by email, calendar event*, or both!

How it works

The email will arrive in your inbox Saturday night with a list of who you need to reach out to the following week. It will also tell you (by contact) when you completed your last touch, what kind of touch it was and include a link to their Action Center.

The calendar event will be posted on Saturday night and will be scheduled for Monday morning at 9:30am (your local time). In the description area it will show you the same information included in the email notification. 

How to set it up

To set up your notifications, go to your Account page and select Notifications from the left menu. On the right side you’ll see an icon for email and calendar. Click to select which email account (and connected calendar) you’d like to receive the notifications. It’s that easy!

*Remember, you’ll need to have connected at least one email account to Refer.com to set up calendar notifications. For instructions on how to do that, click here.


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