How do I connect my email with Engage?

By connecting your existing email account(s), the connections you make within your email client will be reflected in your touch history and connections made within our software will also be present in your “sent” history in your email client. In addition, all contacts in your email database will be easily accessible in our software under Contact Manager.

To connect an email account, click on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and select Settings followed by Connected Accounts.

From here you can connect to email accounts from Gmail, Exchange, and Office 365.

Next, click the Connect button for the email account you want to sync.

For Gmail, you will only need to enter the address and password for your Gmail account. This could be a address or a company email through Gmail that uses its own domain name, like

The process for Office 365 accounts is the same as Gmail.

Connecting an Exchange account is similar, but requires that you add a domain\user name (or UPN), and possibly an Exchange server address too.

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