What is a SMART Message?

Refer.com has made the process of following up with your contacts easier than ever with our new Smart Message feature.

Now you’re only one click away from making a meaningful touch. How? With the Done-for-You functionality the system will pre-select the message AND value item when it’s time to reach out – all you need to do is review and send. No more trying to decide what to say and no more additional time browsing through articles to find the best one.

Here’s how it works

After choosing the Send Email button for a contact followed by the Smart Message button, a pre-generated message and value item will list for you in the body of the email.

Dial it in

What if you don’t like the message? Simple. Select the right or left arrows next to Template or Value Item to change the message or article. You can even select from a list of templates by clicking on Template or filter the articles by a specific interest by selecting Value Item.


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