Why am I receiving a touch error "Check your connection" when I try to send an email?

If you push send using our email tool and see a notification box you to check your connection, it's not referencing your internet connection. This error message is an alert announcing there is likely an issue with a connected email account (Gmail, Exchange, or Office 365).


To make sure this is the case, you should first double check that there is an email address saved for the contact you are emailing. If there is, it’s time to troubleshoot your email client.

Troubleshooting Gmail

If your connected email is a Gmail account, the first step is to make sure your connected Gmail account is not missing the Google access token we need for data to sync between the two platforms. This involves resetting your Google token from your Gmail account. It sounds intimidating but we’ve got some steps here to walk you through it.


In Gmail:

1) From your Google email account, click the Google apps icon in the top right corner and select My Account.

2) Under Sign-in & security, click Connected apps & sites.

3) Click Manage Apps

4) Look for Refer.com in the apps connected to your account. *Note there may be more than one listed.

5) Remove any instances of Refer.com by selecting it and clicking the Remove button.


In Refer.com

6) Go to your Refer.com account settings by clicking your name in the upper right corner and click Settings.

7) Select Connected Accounts.

8) Delete your connected email account by clicking the Edit button to the right of the account and selecting Delete.

9) Reconnect your Gmail account.

10) In the pop-up window, select the email account you wish to connect and click Allow.

 This should guarantee that you have a valid token so Google and Refer.com can start sharing data correctly.


Troubleshooting Exchange and Office 365

If your connected email account is Exchange or Office 365, it’s likely that the password for your email account has expired. Exchange and Office 365 accounts require a new password every 90 days, but allow users to stay logged into platforms like Outlook beyond 90 days until you actually log out of your email account and try to log back in.


If this is the case, you should be prompted as soon as you start typing the email body text in your Refer.com software. We recommended still going into your email account and logging out and back in to make sure your password is up-to-date. To do this, please follow these steps:

1) Access your email account through Exchange or Office 365 and logout.

2) Log back into Exchange or Office 365.

3) You should then be prompted to create a new password.

4) Once you create a new password, log into your Refer.com account.

5) Try sending an email through Refer.com again. This will prompt the software to ask you to update your Exchange or Office 365 password.


If your Exchange password does not appear to be expired or following these steps doesn't fix your connection issue, please contact our support team at support@refer.com to continue troubleshooting.

** Please Note: Without a connected account, you can still send emails through the software by clicking in the From: field of the message composer and selecting your email address as listed next to "- Refer.com" (e.g. bob@example.com - Refer.com).

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