How do I add social media info for a contact with Engage?

Social media allows you stay up to date on what’s going on in someone’s life. Whether it’s a new job you saw on Linkedin, pictures of a family trip on Facebook or their latest and greatest video posted on YouTube, helps you stay informed. With Engage, you can even see their latest posts on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter without ever having to leave the application.

Here’s how you add their links

Under Contact Manager, click on the desired contact which will open more of their information off to the right.  In the middle column, you will find a section labeled Social Networks with a + button below. (Note: You may already see some network URL's listed. That’s the system finding them for you)

With the button selected, choose the desired network from the Social Network drop-down. In the Profile URL Field, put the information that shows up after the social media URL backslash. For example, the part in red is what you want:

Then click on the green checkmark button to save. You can add Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest links.

To find the correct address, or handle, for one of your contact's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube accounts, you will need to open up a second browser tab or page and then do a search.  This can be through a search engine or by going to the social media homepage (e.g. and doing a search there.

Below are some quick "how to" videos for finding and adding the correct address or handle for each available social media option.

Facebook - Watch a video

Instagram - Watch a video

LinkedIn - Watch a video

Pinterest - Watch a video

Twitter - Watch a video

Youtube - Watch a video

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