How can I share My Card through Social Media?

Built within is the ability to share your card to several social media networks. With just a few clicks, your referral card can be visible to your entire network of contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. To begin, select Success Center at the top of the page. Listed under Success Center is the Promote Your Card panel with several small icons displayed representing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Click the icon for the desired network to begin sharing your card, and follow the corresponding steps below.

How do I share to Facebook? If you are not currently signed into Facebook, the first window to populate will prompt you to log in. Enter your email or phone number registered to your Facebook account, and choose Log In at the bottom right of the window. The next page will display the link that you can post via Facebook. Above the link is a message box available for entering a customized message directing others to view your card. At the top left of the page, a drop down menu is listed as well, and by default, the option to Share on your own Timeline is selected. Within the drop down menu are the options to Share on a friend’s timeline, Share in a group, and Share in a private message. Be sure to include the friend or group’s name in corresponding message field if you choose any of these three options. When ready, choose Send Message located at the bottom right of the page.

How do I share on Twitter? The first window will prompt you to login if this was not done prior to selecting the icon. A message box is also provided at the top so you may compose your message before the log in. A default message will be listed with the link to your card which you can either add to or edit. When your message is ready, enter your login information in the corresponding fields below. Once entered, select the button labeled Log In and Tweet to share your message.

How do I share on LinkedIn? Step one is to log in. If you have previously logged in, you will skip this step. After you’ve logged in, the first item displayed at the top of the page is your card as it will appear on LinkedIn. You can edit by selecting the Edit button to the right of your card’s image. This will populate two fields listing a default text and title. You may add to or edit either fields.When all edits are complete, select the Preview button to save changes.

Underneath the card image is a message field. You can enter an update or mention someone in this field. You’re welcome to leave this field empty. To message specific people, check the box labeled Send to individuals. From here, enter the name of each individual in the To field. As you begin to type, the full name of the contact may populate at which time you can click to generate their name in the To field. A default message is populated in the “Message” field, but you can add to or edit the message.

When you are ready, choose Share at the bottom of the page to post to LinkedIn.

How do I share on Google+? If you have not logged in to Google+, the first page will prompt you to log in. Enter your email address and password tied to your Google+ account and select Sign in. The next screen will display a link which will be shared on Google+ to direct viewers to your card. Above the link is a comment field to compose a comment to include with the link. After you’ve finalized any edits, you’re ready to determine who can view your share.

The To field can be found below the link for your card. By default, Public is listed. You can remove Public by selecting the x. Several options are available for sharing within Google+. By clicking within the To field, a drop down menu populates with several options.

If you prefer to manually enter names of specific people, begin by typing in the field. The contact’s name may fully display within the drop down menu as you type at which time you may select their name to populate in the field. The icon to the right of the To field is also clickable to browse for a specific contact.

After all selected contacts are entered, choose Share below.

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