How can I save notes in to keep better track of my referrals?

Notes are effective in helping track and remind you where you last left off with a specific referral. To note, select Referrals at the top of the page. Under My Referrals, select from either category listed as Referrals or Introductions. Next to each received referral or introduction is a status box which by default is set to “waiting”. To change the status, click the box and select from any one of the status options listed. The status can also be changed by selecting View Details to the very right of the referral. Within the dialogue window that populates, a drop-down box is provided for status changes as well as a "notes" field available for entering notations. If you enter notes, be sure to select Save Changes when finished. In the future, you can see these notes again by selecting View Details next to the referral.

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