How can I share My Card through email?

Sharing your card begins with selecting the arrow icon located at the top-right of the Home.

To share your card via email, select the email icon to generate a window with options to enter the address of the recipient and a composed message. 

Need to include multiple contacts? Bypass manually entering these into the email address field and directly import them from Gmail, Yahoo!, or Outlook Mail. To import one or more contacts from your email service, select the matching icon and sign in when prompted. Once signed in, you’ll be given the option to check multiple contacts and choose next to populate their email addresses in the corresponding field.  Emails are sent out through our servers and there is no limit to how many addresses you can add.  

Once all of your email contacts are entered, you can leave the subject line as is or create a subject line of your own. To the right of the address and message field, you can see a preview of your message before you send. If everything looks great, choose Send Message.

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