How can I change the display order of my testimonials?

So you’re not one to save the best for last? Fair enough. Let’s go through the steps to make sure that Rockstar testimonial is the first your prospects see when they view your testimonials. First, you'll need to select your name listed at the top right of the screen followed by Edit Card within the drop-down menu that populates. The Edit Card menu will appear on the next page to the right of your card. Under the Edit Card window, select the section labeled Testimonials. Within Testimonials, choose the Manage tab. The Manage tab will display a list of all testimonials you have manually entered or received.

You can organize the order of how your testimonials display by using the up and down arrows located at the top right corner of each testimonial box. It's important to note that the testimonial listed at the top is the first to display on your referral card.

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