How do I give someone a referral?

Give and you shall receive! The more referrals you give, the more others will feel encouraged to reciprocate. To give a referral, first identify who you will refer and navigate to their card. If they are a member of your team, you can simply select their name from within your card under the My Team section. You can also search within the entire Referral Card network by selecting Team at the top of the screen followed by Search Network on the next page.

Once you’ve located and viewed their card, click the button located directly below their name labeled as Refer Me. There are three types of referral options listed, and by default, Refer To will be selected.

From there, you’ll enter the contact information of the referral and compose a brief message. If the individual you are sending as a referral has a registered card, their name will auto-populate below the “Name” field. Selecting their name will populate their contact details in the corresponding fields.

Now that you have the referral’s contact information entered with a message, you are ready to select Send.

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