How can I make an introduction?

To begin, identify who you would like to give the introduction. If they are a member of your team, you can simply select their name from within your card under the My Team section. You can also search for a professional from within the entire network by selecting Team at the top of the screen followed by Search Network on the next page.

Once you’ve viewed their card, click the Refer Me button located directly below their name. From the three options provided, select Introduce.

Now that you've selected Introduce, enter the contact information of the person you are introducing within the corresponding fields. You can even compose a brief message for the introduction.

If the individual you are introducing has a account, their name may auto-populate below the "Name" field. Instead of manually entering their contact information, you can select their name as it auto populates, and the contact name and email address will automatically add to the corresponding fields.

Now that you have the referral’s contact information entered with a message, you are ready to select Send, and both parties will receive the email introduction.

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