How do I share someone's card?

Your friend needs a real estate agent, and you know the perfect person for the job. Save them time searching when you share the referral card of a trusted professional. 

If the agent is a member of your team, you can simply select their name from within your card under the My Team section. You can also search within the entire Referral Card network by selecting Team at the top of the screen followed by Search Network. Once you’ve viewed their card, click the button located directly below their name labeled, Refer Me. There are three types of referral options listed, and by default, Refer To will be selected. From the three options provided, select Share.

Social Media Share

If you choose to share the card with your contacts on Facebook or Twitter, choose the corresponding network under Share and select to post.

Email Share

If you prefer email, enter the email address for the recipient of the share in the field provided. A field is also provided for you to compose a message.

Now that you have the recipient’s contact information entered with a message, you are ready to select send. Once sent, the recipient will receive a link with your recommendation to view the referral card. The card owner is also made aware of your share, making them grateful for your recommendation and thereby increasing the likelihood they’ll return the favor!

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