How can I invite a professional to join my team if they don't have a account?

You can avoid missing those key team members when you invite them to register and join your team. To send this type of invite, select Team at the top of the screen followed by Send Invites on the next page. Once selected, a dialog window will populate with an option labeled "Or manually send an invite" at the bottom. Choose this option to enter the first name and email address of the professional you want to invite to your team.

Sending multiple invites? Use the "Import your contacts from" function to quickly send multiple invites. You can import contacts into your Address Book from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook Mail, or LinkedIn. If you've already imported contacts from any one of these databases, you'll notice a list of Adress Book contacts with a Connect button next to each name. Selecting Connect will send the contact an invite.

If you need to add contacts to your Address Book, you can select the More Contacts button at the top right of the window to import additional contacts from any one of the databases.

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