How to thank for referrals the right way.

When somebody gives you a referral, you need to make them feel special. It is an absolute must that you reinforce that behavior by recognizing and rewarding them. The act of referring somebody to you is a bit of a risk for the person who sends it. In a way, they are putting their reputation on the line every time they send over a referral. By referring you to their network, they are effectively telling them that you can be trusted...and that you are competent and of good character. You need to make sure to thank them for showing this trust in you. Let them know that you do not take that lightly, and that you will do your best to help the people they have referred to you.
Following are three keys to properly thanking somebody for sending referrals:
  1. Thank them promptly and sincerely
  2. Thank them in writing (in your own handwriting if possible)
  3. Include a thank you gift (avoid generic gifts be specific to their interests)
Sample Thank You Message
"Thank you so much for referring ___________ to me. Referrals are the lifeblood of my business and I appreciate you thinking of me. I promise to take good care of _____________.
As an expression of my appreciation, I've included a gift card to __<restaurant>____ for you to enjoy.
Thanks again,
<your name>"
Remember that thanking the person who sent the referral to you is only the first step. You must follow-up with them to let them know how things turned out (even if things didn’t work out). Keeping them informed will give added assurance. They need to know you've taken good care of the person they referred. This small act will further build their trust and confidence in you and will cause them to continue to send more referrals to you in the future.
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