What do Impressions Given and Impressions Received track?

More exposure equals more opportunity. The added value of having your name visible on other members My Team section of their card is that it generates more visibility or "impressions" future prospects.

So, how is this tracked? An impression is a team-related function that is generated any time a user selects to view the team listed on someone's card. An impression can either be given or received. For example, if you choose to view an individual's card and from within their card select the button labeled My Team, this will pull up a list of that person's entire team. Everyone within the team will receive an impression from you. This will show within their metrics as Impressions Received. Within the metrics of the cardholder, this will be tracked as Impressions Given

To find where Impressions Received and Impressions Given are tracked, select Team at the top of the page. Next to each member of your team, metrics are listed for the impressions you have given and received in relation to your team member and their network.

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