Can I preview my survey before it's sent?

Test drive your survey before it's sent. To preview, select Get testimonials and referrals instantly under the Promote Your Card panel within Sucess Center.

The next screen to populate is Survey Center with the following three options; Preview Survey, Send Survey, and View Survey Insights. Select the button labeled Preview under the Preview Survey panel.

From there, you are taken to your survey as it would appear to your clients. The survey contains several categories allowing a client to rate you on a scale of 1-5 stars. In preview mode, you can rate yourself in all of these categories without the data capturing and interfering with your true results.


Once you've rated yourself in each category, choose Next. The preview screen will then prompt you with a request to enter a testimonial just as it would with an actual client. As with any client, you can also choose Not Now to skip entering a testimonial. If you enter a testimonial in preview mode, the testimonial will not be captured.


After choosing to skip or selecting Send Testimonial, the final prompt will ask the recipient for a referral. You can either select "Back to Survey Center" to end preview mode, or you can choose Refer Me to give a referral. If you choose Refer Me and enter a test referral while in preview mode, this information will not capture.

Now that you've taken your Survey out for a test drive, you're ready to send out a live survey and capture testimonials and referrals!

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