How do I send a survey to my clients?

To begin, select Get Testimonials and Referrals Instantly found within Success Center under the Promote Your Card panel. The following screen is the Survey Center with three action items available; Preview Survey, Send Survey, or View Survey Insights. Choose Send under the Send Survey panel. When selected, a dialog window will populate with several fields. Under the "To" field, enter the address, or list of addresses separated by commas, for each intended recipient.

Sending the survey to multiple recipients? Try the import feature to access multiple contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, or LinkedIn account. To access these contacts, select the icon at the top next to Import corresponding to the email account containing your list of contacts, or select LinkedIn and follow the two-step import wizard. After selecting the desired account and giving authorization to, you can check each contact in the list that you want to receive the survey. You can also perform a search by using the search field to find and select one or more contacts from the list. When you're finished selecting from your list of contacts, choose Next to import their addresses.

After you've entered or imported the address of each recipient, you're ready to choose Send. 


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