How can I enter and track a referral I receive outside of

With, you can keep organized by tracking all referrals received both in and outside of the application. To enter a referral received outside of the application, select Referrals at the top of the page. On the next screen, select to the right of My Referrals the option to Add a New Referral. When selected, a dialog window will populate to the right of the page prompting to enter the referral details, referral source, and any relevant notes. At a minimum, enter a name under Referral Details and Referral Source before choosing Save. If either contact entered under Referral Details or Referral Source are current card holders, their name will pre-populate below the field as you begin to type. You can simply select their name from the drop-down which will then auto-fill any corresponding field with the information provided on their card.

All referrals added or received can be found under Referrals located at the top of the page.



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